You may have seen various testimonials around the site, and you'll see many more success stories here.

Results naturally vary from client to client and the stories featured below are true and specific feedback from actual clients with their permission. In some cases, names may have been changed to ensure client privacy. We guarantee the very best service using the latest methods of change appropriate for your situation.

Dwayne S - Instructor

Rob W - Non-Smoker

Shannon Z - Non Smoker

Scott S - Entrepreneur

Ashlee S - Vice President

David W - Entrepreneur

One of the best things that ever happened to me

Working with you is seriously one of the best things that ever happened to me emotionally.

Tara H , Entrepreneur

I have learned coping mechanisms to move my negative thoughts along

I came to Clear Change to improve my thought process and alleviate negative thoughts. The "Thought Destroyer" task allows me to gather my negative thoughts and remove them. I feel I have learned coping mechanisms to move my negative thoughts along.


I am in control!

Justin was awesome. He made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable. I'm glad I finally chose to come in to explore the option of hypnosis. I now have the tools I need to keep the weight off and I couldn't be happier. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am in control!

Claire P

I'm growing to trust myself

I wanted to thank you again for the session on Monday. I've been open to seeing insights and truths that I've never seen before. I'm believing in things I hadn't believed in before, I'm growing to trust myself. I'm very grateful to have your support and guidance and to have you in my life. Please continue doing the work you do - this world needs it.

David W , Entrepreneur

Super happy to be a non-smoker

100% Successful. I had an awesome experience and am super happy to be a non-smoker.

Greg M , Sales Manager

Mature, safe, and professional

I wanted consistency to my thinking regarding cleaning out my house. Now I don't have to keep pounding on myself to complete the project. Thank you for presenting hypnosis to me in a mature, safe, and professional manner.

Helen E

I know the weight is never coming back

I didn't know if hypnosis would work, but I needed to lose my belly. I never liked lifting weights before, but now I actually enjoy it. I've lost 22 lbs and I know the weight is never coming back. Thank you Justin.

Matt R , Sales

After the first session I felt a change

Though I doubted I could ever quit smoking, I tried hypnosis. After the first session I felt a change on my way home. I've been smoke free now for 9 days. With your help I was able to quit, not just for myself, but for my family. Thank you so much.

Mike R , Telephone Lineman

I felt like a new person

I came here to help me quit smoking and imediately after leaving here I felt like a new person and did not have the urge or desire to smoke again. Smoking is a fleeting thought to me that comes in my brain and in a while goes right back out.

Cindy M , Teacher

My Confidence Has Improved

I sought hypnosis to improve confidence and decrease anxiety. I have noticed a continuously increasing feeling of self-assuredness. My confidence has improved and my enjoyment and gratitude for life.

Ted S. , Lawyer

Anyone who has been fighting internal resistance like I was should consider this

I had a session with Justin last week and it was truly incredible. He opened my mind up and made me see the negative thoughts I have been feeling that I didn't even realize and then he helped me reverse these thoughts. I was fighting so much negative resistance. Since our session, I have taken SO much more action, felt happier and more content with myself. Anyone who has been fighting internal resistance like I was should consider this. I'm not afraid to admit I was skeptical about the concept but now I'm a believer.Thanks so much Justin, you're a true gem.

Cat L , Co-Founder of BEST SELF CO

I have no idea why - but it works!

Justin - I've been using the tapping. It's crazy! I have no idea why - but it works! I have used it each day to deal with items at work that usually cause anxiety for me, and it's beautiful. Thank you so much! This is amazing.

Leigh E

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