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You may have seen various testimonials around the site, and you'll see many more success stories here.

Results naturally vary from client to client and the stories featured below are true and specific feedback from actual clients with their permission. In some cases, names may have been changed to ensure client privacy. We guarantee the very best service using the latest methods of change appropriate for your situation.

Rob W - Quit Smoking

Dwayne S - Stopped Nail Biting

Drew  - Managed Chronic Pain

Shannon Z - Quit Smoking

Davida - Quit Smoking

Scott S - Entrepreneur

Ashlee S - Overcame Anxiety

David W - Entrepreneur

After the first session I felt a change

Though I doubted I could ever quit smoking, I tried hypnosis. After the first session I felt a change on my way home. I've been smoke free now for 9 days. With your help I was able to quit, not just for myself, but for my family. Thank you so much.

Mike R , Telephone Lineman

I came to quit smoking. First session I ran into a few road blocks and it was hard to deal with not fully understanding what set me off to smoke. After the second session it was easy to see what set me off and overcome it. The cravings were there and gone in seconds and it felt good not to have to have them nagging me.

Brent S

I felt like a new person

I came here to help me quit smoking and imediately after leaving here I felt like a new person and did not have the urge or desire to smoke again. Smoking is a fleeting thought to me that comes in my brain and in a while goes right back out.

Cindy M , Teacher

Came in feeling less confident than I am now. Through the journey I have allowed my crew to display the confidence that was already there. I felt an immediate increase [in confidence] after 1st session and have built upon it since then.

Dave S

Definitely worth the time and money!

I came to Clear Change Hypnosis to lose some weight naturally and train my mind to make better food choices and I came out with positive results in both areas! Definitely worth the time and money. II have the tools I can use at any time to curb cravings and make healthier choices. And I lost a couple pounds in the process.

Jonathan H

Best Decision I've Made in a While

Best decision I've made in a while! I feel better in so many areas of life. Clear Change goes beyond just quitting smoking. Justin is really caring and intuitive and knows how to help with other emotions. Thank you!

Maria L

I came here to work on my self-confidence. Over the past month I feel more confident and I don't stutter as much and I feel better about myself.

Greg S

Before coming to Clear Change Hypnosis I honestly didn't think I would quit smoking on my first try but I've been a non-smoker since then.

Paul S

I have successfully quit smoking after 20+ years. Justin went above and beyond to make sure that I was getting all of the tools I needed to be successful, including addressing other issues such as anxiety and emotional eating. I wasn't really sure what to expect so you have definitely exceeded my expectations!

Amanda T

I tried regular therapy before and never felt a connection or like it was helping me. Hypnosis has been much better than typical therapy. I came originally not knowing if this would help but I now finally feel normal again. Hypnosis exceeded my expectations. I feel better and more like myself than I have in months.

Demi K

It's been a blessing

It's been a blessing... the tools Justin gave me are a God send. I make a point in my morning routine to do the tools and resources he's given me to start my day. Thank you for EVERYTHING and being so patient and kind to me. Means alot!!

Nickie M

I've literally blasted my way through my webinar content

Very grateful for your time to help me this week. I really respect what you do. I've literally blasted my way through my webinar content over the last two days... and not sloppy, just get it done stuff... but pouring my best work into it. I feel like I've been on a mission... like a bulldozer.

Jason H , Sales Manager

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