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You know what your anxiety feels like... that uncomfortable sick feeling that means something is wrong. For some people it feels like "butterflies in the stomach" or for others, a tension in the chest. The drain of anxiety is exhausting and it can feel like there's no way out.

But it gets worse. This anxiety prevents you from going out and doing the things you used to enjoy. It keeps you from connecting with your loved ones, and it takes more and more effort just to keep your head above water and maintain everyday life.

If you experience anxiety on a regular basis, you are not alone. In fact, anxiety is one of the most common psychological conditions in the world. It's a condition that plagues modern society.

But anxiety doesn't have to plague you.

Hypnosis is an effective treatment towards reducing or even eliminating anxiety.

Hear About Ashlee's Experience With Hypnosis

"The tremendous volume of research provides compelling evidence that hypnosis is an efficacious treatment for state anxiety and anxiety-related disorders"

- Corydon Hammond

- D Corydon Hammond (2010) Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety- and stress-related disorders, Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, 10:2, 263-273, DOI: 10.1586/ern.09.140

Anxiety Is More Than "Just Stress"

It's obvious to you, but unless your friends or family have experienced anxiety themselves, they likely don't understand what you're going through.  You might have even received advice (or sometimes pleas) to "just relax" and "don't stress out." But as you know, anxiety is more than "just stress."

Anxiety can be one of the most difficult feelings to explain, because it's multidimensional. Anxiety happens through recalling past experiences of being out of control, paired with worries about being unable to handle anxiety in the future, brought about by a present feeling of physical anxiety. It loops in on itself like an ill-fated time traveller.

Stress, on the other hand, is one dimensional, which makes it easier to explain. But while stress and anxiety have a shared relationship, there is a simple, yet significant difference between stress and anxiety.

Stress is your body's natural response to any change, positive or negative, that deviates from your expectations.

Stress has a purpose as well as an external source. It motivates you to address the external challenge at hand.

Once the issue has been resolved, the stress goes away.

But anxiety is different...

Anxiety Is A Solution That Grew Into A Problem

Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety is a signal from the body to be mildly apprehensive. Its purpose is to motivate you to be prepared for when something goes wrong.

In the past, this danger signal might help to ensure we secure shelter for the night, or keep an eye on our children as they played nearby in the river. Then, once the potential disaster had passed, the anxious feeling would recede and everything would be in order.

But when anxiety doesn't have an external source, there's "no thing to resolve." The anxious response gets becomes disordered. The danger signal loops in upon itself, becoming the source for more anxiety and the cycle continues. You feel like you have to take preventative action to protect yourself even though you consciously know everything is ok.

At some point, your subconscious mind had learned that this danger signal was a solution, and it continues to create anxiety to keep you safe. It's done an effective job at keeping you alive, but at the cost of losing out on opportunities that people normally enjoy that makes life rich.

Hypnosis Allows You To Live With Less Anxiety

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Hypnosis can help you to escape the anxiety cycle by teaching your subconscious mind effective coping skills to better manage each of the multiple aspects of anxiety. With some training, you'll find that you begin to automatically alleviate the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of anxiety as they come up.

You'll develop proactive skills to help you be better prepared to handle stressful situations before anxiety rises as well as reactive solutions to reduce the effects of anxiety when they do arise so you can take back control of your life.

Worried You Can't Relax?

That's part of the problem, isn't it?

Sometimes people with anxiety worry that they won't be able to relax enough to go into hypnosis. Luckily, relaxation isn't required in order to experience hypnosis. Rather, hypnosis creates relaxation.

Take a moment to consider this:

Tension is an unconscious behavior, while relaxation is often a conscious behavior.

With that in mind, when was the last time you stopped to consciously and effectively relax?

Too often, my client's answers are measured in months or years. It’s no surprise, given the complexities and constant demands of today’s society.

Hypnosis will have you feeling more relaxed and in control in just a few sessions.

Woman Relaxing From Anxiety Hypnosis

What To Expect With Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Through hypnosis I will teach you natural techniques you can use anytime, anywhere to help you take back your life. You’ll learn how to reduce stress quickly and automatically as we train your mind to deal with stress in more positive and beneficial ways. Once you learn how to reduce the stress in your body on demand, you can learn to remain relaxed and calm. Even in situations that were once stressful or chaotic before. The best part is no one ever needs to know you're doing anything.

You'll experience:

  • How to consciously influence your nervous system's "rest and digest" response in in moments.
  • New stress responses that actually help you to relax naturally.
  • Increased self-confidence in your ability to handle the challenges of modern life as they happen.
  • Positive changes in your relationship with your mind so it becomes a useful resource rather than a battle.

More Kind Words

I tried regular therapy before and never felt a connection or like it was helping me. Hypnosis has been much better than typical therapy. I came originally not knowing if this would help but I now finally feel normal again. Hypnosis exceeded my expectations. I feel better and more like myself than I have in months.

Demi K  | 

It's been a blessing... the tools Justin gave me are a God send. I make a point in my morning routine to do the tools and resources he's given me to start my day. Thank you for EVERYTHING and being so patient and kind to me. Means alot!!

Nickie M  | 

Justin - I've been using the tapping.  It's crazy! I have no idea why - but it works! I have used it each day to deal with items at work that usually cause anxiety for me, and it's beautiful. Thank you so much! This is amazing.

Leigh E  | 

Busy mom custom hypnosis program

My Anxiety Mastery Program Is Customized 

Based on your unique needs and issues surrounding the stress and anxiety in your life. When you come in for your first session, we’ll custom tailor your program based on factors such as:

  • Your work and home environment
  • If you experience Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, or Panic Disorder
  • Any feelings of overwhelm or being out of control
  • Your level of support from friends, family, and coworkers
  • Any “panic attacks” that may have occurred
  • Other holistic factors like how well you exercise, sleep, and eat

Powerful Tools and Techniques

Personalized Hypnosis Sessions

Proven effective process customized to help create the subconscious changes you desire.

Home Audio Sessions

Around the clock support with unique hypnosis audios for additional reinforcement at home.

MindTools and Techniques

Train your mind to stop defeating thoughts, ease negative emotions, and better handle anxiety.

You'll Develop The Skills To:

  • Stop the physical component of anxiety and stress.
  • Change automatic thought patterns to support you.
  • Increase self-confidence to remain calm.
  • Positively change your relationship with anxiety.

Imagine the freedom and quality of life you’ll gain when you learn how to eliminate or reduce anxiety with hypnosis!

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Naturally, you may have questions about seeing a hypnotist and about hypnosis in general, which is why your first 30-minute discovery session is free of charge and obligation. It will give you the opportunity to find out more about the nature of your challenge and an effective pathway to achieving your goals.

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You Will Get:
All of your questions answered
Get honest answers from a leading certified hypnotist practicing since 2013. No fluff. No pressure.
Immediate Insights Into Your Challenge
Discover how your mind works and exactly how hypnosis may help you even if nothing else has worked in the past. Hypnosis works at the subconscious level and gets results no other therapy can.
Detailed and honest evaluation
By the end of your consultation you will know if hypnosis is right for you in your specific situation and pricing will be detailed. If we each agree to move forward, we'll schedule your first session right on the call.
Personalized Plan To Address Your Challenge
If hypnosis is right for your situation, we'll find the right hypnosis program for you and together we will customize your hypnosis program to suit your particular needs.

You have nothing to lose but your anxiety.

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