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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful, natural way to create desirable changes quickly.

Hypnosis is: “The bypassing of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.”

Luckily, this is an accurate and useful definition which can be understood in two parts.

  1. The bypassing of the critical factor (which I'll refer to as critical awareness.)

  2. The establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

Hypnosis is a natural human process which we use as an effective way to create change.

You can think of hypnosis like this:

There is an aspect of your conscious mind called critical awareness - it's like a mental guard that keeps you safe. Your guard is cynical, highly defensive, and only accepts incoming information that already feels true. Your guard feels threatened by change and is the reason you’ve struggled to create change until now.

Now, imagine that you could waltz right past this guard and create new habits and beliefs right in your subconscious. That’s precisely what we do with hypnosis. It's where the "establishment of acceptable selective thinking" plays a role.

While in hypnosis you're in a more receptive state, open to positive suggestions – we bypass your guard and create only the changes you desire.

Contrary to movie stereotypes and stage shows, no one can introduce unwanted thoughts or behaviors into your subconscious mind with clinical hypnosis.

While this may all sound complicated...

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring human experience.

In fact, you go in and out of hypnosis multiple times a day.

For example, you can watch a good movie, knowing that they're just actors, yet you get caught up in the character's lives and dramas as though they were real. You may even cry real tears.

You can wake up from a dream and enjoy the experience even though you know it didn't happen.

Or even when you're experiencing an emotion or habit that you don't want, but there you are, doing it anyway...

These are instances where you're already doing hypnosis.

My job is to show you how to do it better.

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